Fresher, Cleaner, Healthier, Greener.

We help our clients create a clean and healthy living environment, while also protecting the sustainability of the environment. We do this by using non toxic, ecologically friendly cleaning solutions that are combined in all of our cleaning. This ensures that the whole cleaning process offers the very best in terms of performance and value. These unique products that we use out-perform any chemical detergents.

Once the carpet or upholstery is dry, it bio-degrades and is undetectable, leaving no dirt-attracting residues. It does not contain any soaps or detergents and exhibits anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties, in addition to being safe for pets and aquatic life.
I called this company and asked for a specific time and date (i was having a settee delivered), this was not a problem. He arrived promptly at the specified time, and with minimum fuss practically restored the carpet back to new in less than a couple of hours.

To be clear, the carpet is cream coloured and had been teen-aged for 4 years by kids who apparently eat meals with hammers, I was planning on a new carpet, but thought for a few quid I would give cleaning a shot.

I was honestly expecting to see the results and go and buy a new one anyway, but i was amazed how well this company has cleaned it.

Exceptional across the board, already recommended to friends and family.